Custom Design

Our successes since 2008 have largely depended on our ability and willingness to customise design and scope.  As a result, our mould design has increased from 12 in 2010 to over 120 currently, and growing.  We provide the opportunity to both push the boundaries of concrete technology, but also provide the basics, especially for the landscaping industry.  Much of our growth is therefore both in the manufacture of newly differentiated seating and furniture, and, fit to size, rectangular trough planters and large scale pots using our relatively light weight polyconcrete. 


Pricing is determined by the complexity and material used for the mould production as well as the volume of units required.  Igneous reserves the right to reproduce items off the mould after initial production. 


In order to attain various design and strength requirements we both provide our polyconcrete and glass fibre reinforced polyconcrete options, again fit to purpose for the item.  We give consideration to mould design, weight restrictions, material thickness and aesthetic finish amongst other concerns. 

To allow for Customisation

In order to provide you with the best possible options we need:

  • An image, full description and dimensions for the required installation
  • Some detail as to where this installation will be used or placed (especially where this impacts dimensions)
  • For pots and planters, we consider additional recessed bases, soil weight and volume, drip trays, drainage holes and elevation from the ground for both aesthetic and further drainage considerations
  • For all installations we consider fixing details, both as to whether the item should be fully fixed to the ground or the possibility of removing it (as in the case of removable and fixed bollards, or fixing items to reduce theft, vandalism or movement for weather concerns)
  • Whether the item will be subject to high traffic volumes, maintenance issues and various environmental differences (exposure to chlorine or irrigation for example)
  • Colour combinations and pigment matching
  • Mixed media usage and the inclusion of other materials, for example stainless steel, wood options, recycled composites et cetera
  • Finishing requirements, we currently provide our standard sealant finish or a high gloss option
  • Any other concerns or requirements

Our factory then requires a 72-hour turnaround time to calculate and source material quotes, where required, before we can provide you with a final quote.  Lead times are then dependent on the mould production requirements.