Igneous Concrete is now well established in various commercial, retail, leisure and public space markets.  As such, we see our products not only as a design-forward offering, but also as an extension of a client’s ability to extend their branding into their branding into their fixed outdoor or indoor installations.  The expansion of our colour range is one such opportunity to use pigment as a match to your logo or branding.  In addition, we are able to pigment match our colours to your exact requirement, look and feel. 

Further to pigment, we have the technology to either emboss (stands out) or deboss (embedded in) your logo or branding into the installation of choice.  This provides a permanent advertisement that can either be a feature of the item or a simple, subtle addition. 

Colours Palette

Igneous colour palette


An option to emboss directly into the material allows for a further match to branding and customisation.