Who we are

Igneous is a specialist manufacturer and supplier of resin based polyconcrete furniture and related items for public space installations and indoor-outdoor living spaces. Igneous is a client-driven company and the inspired choice for sustainable, design-forward public space environments given our ongoing innovation in concrete technologies.

Igneous was originally conceived by Brent Youens, BSc Civil Engineering, University of Cape Town, 1993.  Brent is also the director of JNM Construction, a sister company of Igneous and has 15 years experience in the Civils and Contracting industry. To this end, Brent has also developed a successful “Tilt-Up” construction division, introducing a highly efficient and cost effective methodology to standard construction methods in South Africa.  Brent is also a member of the Engineering Council of South Africa.

Together with Claude van Rooyen, our in-house mould and materials developer, who himself has 30 years experience in the pattern making industry, Brent started to develop the material in 2004.  Our original focus was on a standard range of outdoor furniture, however the material qualities of the polyconcrete opened various avenues of application.  We now focus on public space installations, as well as various industrial applications, while still maintaining our standard range.


  • Our equipment is custom designed to provide the best possible material output, including removing air bubbles through a specialized aeration system and adaptations to our mix-and-pour system.
  • These developments, as well as advances made to the material, have been developed solely by Brent Youens and Claude van Rooyen.
  • This in-house development allows for a great deal of skills transfer to our local production team.
  • Igneous is a South African developed and manufactured product.
  • Brent’s background in construction and the back-up of his construction crews means we can manufacture and install all required product.
  • Further, we are able to supply a mixture of polyconcrete, cementitious concrete and newly developed concrete technologies given your specifications and Brent’s background in all of these areas.


  • Customise our material and design to match the envisaged architecture, landscaping and branding.
  • Deliver a superior quality resin based polyconcrete product – that combines practicality, longevity and simple, yet functional design
  • Installation back-up
  • Manage maintenance contracts
  • Constantly strive to improve and explore new materials
  • Provide clients with the opportunity to customise their requirements to match their architecture, interior or landscaping