Custom Design

A large number of our enquiries arise from questioning what is possible and whether we can assist. Since our beginnings in 2007, we have grown from our standard range of outdoor furntire to an extensive line of pots and planters, public space installations and a growing interest in various industrial and architectural applications.

As such, our in-house pattern making and customisation ability affords you the opportunity to either select from our current range of items or design your own. All items are mould formed and a new mould can be developed to match the required installation to your architecture, landscaping or branding.

In addition to a newly created design, we are able to personalise your order through:


Where our current 12-pigment colour chart creates limitation, choose a custom colour to match to your existing branding, design palette or to stand out from the ordinary.

NATURALS – white, powder grey, beach, light stone, sandstone, chocolate

Powder Grey Beach Light Stone Sandstone Chocolate


BRIGHTS – tangerine, lime, moss, sky, lavender, soot

Tangerine Lime Moss Sky Lavender Soot



An option to emboss directly into the material allows for a further match to branding and customisation.

Embossed Logo



To add to your design and to make the creation even more unique, we are able to inlay various alternative materials into the polyconcrete, including metals, ceramics, glass, precious stones and wood.

Rock Girl bench - 3D design drawing Tthe completed bench with Kirsten Youens, designer of the bench The bench with children from Red River Primary who initiated the Rock Girl bench project



In order for us to help you create your own design, please provide us with the following information, where possible:

  • A sketch or visual of the design you envisage or your idea for what is required
  • Its final usage and positioning in its environment, a plan view of the site area would be useful
  • The dimensions required
  • The quantities required
  • Whether you wish to have the product made from our solid resin based polyconcrete or our glass fibre reinforced polyconcrete option
  • Any special requirements – e.g. internal lighting, drill hole or embossing effects, combinations with complimentary materials et cetera
  • Whether the item needs to be fixed into place or is free standing
  • Any custom colours required
  • Whether the item will be exposed to normal weather conditions and general usage or any particular concerns regarding placement


Given this information, we will be able to provide you with:

  • Various options on how the item can be manufactured and changes we would need to make in order to accommodate its manufacture from our material
  • Our advice as to whether it should be manufactured from resin based polyconcrete or glass fibre reinforced polyconcrete
  • Technical drawings on its final look and construction as well as all other special requests, where required
  • Pricing and lead times on manufacturing

Please note, that while every effort is made to accommodate a new design within the budget required, the cost of the mould needs to be priced and included in the per item price of the unit. For this reason, increased quantities obviously allow for better pricing on new designs.

Please allow for at least three days from submission of a new design to our response on how we can best we can provide you with what you require.