Shoshanguve Crossing Shopping Centre :: Shoshanguve, Pretoria, Gauteng


Completion: 2014
Product Category: Public Space Installation; Pots and Planters; Seating and Furniture
Products: External Bin [IGNS007] in SOOT; Tapered Square Bin [IGNS009] (11) in SOOT; Standard Off-Round Pot [IGNP001] and Drip Tray to match [IGNP001T] (14) in SOOT; Rectangular Trough Planter [IGNP-REC-001] with Drip Tray to match [IGNP-REC-001T] (7) in BEACH and (7) in SOOT; 1.2m Square Planter [IGNP-SQ-001] (16) in SOOT; Ulterior Table Bench [IGNF020] (15) in LIME; Elongated Pebble Seat [IGNF001] (3) in LIME; Elongated Organic Ottoman (flat top) [IGNF016] (3) in CUSTOM COLOUR
Custom Design: Custom Logo Embossed on all Bins
Further Customisation: N/A
Installation: N/A