Igneous brings a Unique and Personal Finish through Embossing : : Soshanguve Crossing

The new shopping centre successfully met its opening trading date on the 22 May 2014. Soshanguve Crossing is strategically situated at the very busy north western corner of Ruth First and Aubrey Matlala Roads, Soshanguve. The enclosed shopping centre will serve as a regional and convenient facility.

The combined group of developers, being Resilient, Moolman Group and Falcon Forest Consortium, were pleased to accept the proposal of our range of products as specified by MDS Architects.

The centre was furnished with our range of standard items. These included 14 Standard Off-Round Pots, some Rectangular Planters, 15 Ulterior Table Benches, 3 Elongated Pebble Seats, 3 Elongated Organic Ottomans, and 18 External Bins. Some custom aspects were also incorporated to add a unique and personal finish and brand representation to the shopping centre. Besides our standard  “soot” and “lime” shades used for the seating, pots and bins, the Elongated Organic Ottomans were manufactured in a custom red shade – all these colours tying in with the shopping centres black and rainbow coloured palette in its logo. To further the brand association, the finishing touch incorporated was that of the centres logo embossed into one face of all the bins.

The furniture, pots and bins are placed in groups spread throughout the internal areas of the centre, with some bins welcoming consumers at the entrances.

Soshanguve Crossing - Ulterior Table Bench (lime) & External Bin (soot) - Copy Soshanguve Crossing - Lime Elongated Pebble Seat FINAL  - Copy

Soshanguve Crossing - Custom Red Elongated Organic Ottomans - Copy

Soshaguve Crossing - Embossed logo on External Bin