Igneous brings a Unique and Personal Finish through Embossing : : Growthpoint Properties’ Project Rooms

IMG_1519A custom made table top, the second of its kind, was recently completed for the Growthpoint Properties head office in Sandton. The 3.2m by 1.4m table tops were fixed to steel legs designed and installed through another supplier, and each was finished with a glass top. The tables are placed in two of the project rooms in the office building.

The project room tables introduce a touch of inspiration and pride. This is accomplished through the personal brand representation created by the specially chosen words and graphics that are embossed across the surfaces of the table tops.  The words incorporated are that of the names of some of the prestigious projects and developments included in Growthpoint Properties’ portfolio.


IMG_1521When we began investigating the options at hand to assist with the proposed designs supplied by D12 Interiors, the process to customise these table tops was found to be a very intricate and specialised one. Through much dedicated work by all involved, a design was finalised and the manufacture method to achieve the design was established. Given the detail involved and the large scale of the table top, this would prove to be a delicate and specialised task we had never before undertaken; a task that our in-house pattern maker and skilled staff were eager to conquer and successfully did so.