Standard Bank Rosebank :: Custom Cube-Like Bollards for Perimeter of Complex

Standard Bank Rosebank

The now occupied Standard Bank office building in Rosebank, is yet another milestone completed in what has become one of Johannesburg’s fastest growing development nodes, and has been awarded a five-star design rating by the Green Building Council of South Africa. Although surrounded by the hustle and bustle of day time business traffic, a sense of serenity and calmness encloses the office building when standing in the complex’s front lawn and vegetation.

Lining the perimeter of the entire property are countless cube-like bollards – square and rectangular variations – all in place, and spaced to follow the route of the pedestrian walk way around the entire complex. The smaller rectangular versions of these custom made bollards, surround the grounds along the pedestrian walk way. The front of the grounds include an interesting and playful aesthetic created by the arrangement of varying sizes and shapes of the bollards, which are placed amongst the landscaping incorporated in the area.

The complex’s drop off area, named the “kiss n drop” zone, includes numerous rectangular planters spread across the parking area. These keep in tune with the varying rectangular and square shapes and designs continuously used through the landscaping elements.

Standard Bank Rosebank - Bollards, pedestrian walk way     Standard Bank Rosebank - Planters     Standard Bank Rosebank - Bollards