Silo Square, V & A Waterfront :: Custom Bin to add a Personal & Unique Finish

The new No 1 Silo office building, which is also now the Allan Gray Cape Town headquarters, sets this development off, with the next step towards No 2 Silo in the pipe line. When approached by one of the involved architectural firms (Van Der Merwe Miszewski Architects) with their custom requests, Igneous Concrete was easily able to oblige. Our existing External Bin seemed to be just what was required, but with the addition of some custom aspects to suit the vision and unique requirements of the architects, their client, and the project.

Keeping in line with the goals in achieving a green star rating, even the bins were envisioned with a recycling initiative in mind. All the External Bins were manufactured in our standard “soot” shade, with different coloured lids to represent each waste material. All the lid colours were also chosen from our standard colour palette; “sky” for paper, “moss” for glass, and “tangerine” for cans. In addition to the recycling lids, some bins required one of our sleek and aesthetically pleasing mounted ashtray units to be incorporated.

V & A Waterfront - Embossed Bin      V & A Waterfront - Bin with mounted ashtray

An important factor in the aim of incorporating a unique brand association to the bins, was to include an embossed logo into the face of the them; giving the bins a real personal and unique touch. A few different options were considered and investigated to suit the requirements at hand, as well as to consider what was possible with the material and what budget allowed for. Options that were considered included the full V & A logo, with it’s intricately detailed ship, cut out in a stainless steel plate which would be embedded into the polyconcrete, and simplified versions embossed directly into the material. After thorough consideration, a simplified version of the logo was settled upon. The “V & A Waterfront” logo was embossed directly into the polyconcrete on one face of each bin, in the waterfront’s logo font. The embossed logo truly does finish off the bins in a uniquely beautiful manner.

The striking embossed bins can be seen placed in the area just up the stairs from the Clock Tower square behind Moyo restaurant, and continue down towards and spread around the outdoor areas of the No 1 Silo building.