Custom Material Inlays Continue To Impress As Sophisticated Ambiance Is Created At The Recently Refurbished Maponya Mall

Igneous Concrete’s large scale pots, which have become and are continuously a great success in many projects and in meeting the requirements essential to our landscape architects, proved to be precisely what was envisioned and required for the refurbishment of Maponya Mall – the only retail hub in Soweto. Our standard 1.5m Diameter Off-Round Pot and 1.5m Diameter Cylindrical Pot were enthusiastically decided upon, but with a keen interest in incorporating a custom aspect to create the unique finish and aesthetic the landscapers and clients envisioned for the refurbished surrounds and other finishes.

Igneous Concrete has for a number of years offered the possibility in our custom options to include an emboss detail and inlay various alternative materials into the polyconcrete to add to a client’s design, and to make a creation even more unique. Possible materials that can be incorporated into the polyconcrete include metals, ceramics, glass, precious stones and wood.

Inlaying different materials into the polyconcrete comes hand in hand with chancy and delicate aspects much of the time. Our knowledgeable, experienced and talented in-house pattern maker and factory team have been able to prove themselves time and time again by overcoming certain obstacles that could make the use of these inlays otherwise impossible and have manufactured products with the precise and strikingly beautiful workmanship and finish that has come to be expected and known from Igneous.

Material inlays have been successfully included in other prominent projects and initiatives in the past. Two of these projects are the Sandton City Shopping Centre and the Design Indaba – Rock Girl Safe Spaces Initiative in Cape Town. During the expansion and refurbishment of the Sandton City Shopping Centre in 2011, Igneous Concrete was appointed to manufacture a range of exclusive benches; one of which included a satin finish stainless steel insert that followed the line of the tapered bench along the length of the top seating surface. The stainless steel continued down each end of the bench and wrapped around the recessed base section. The bench that came to be known as the tapered “boat” bench is seen below, placed in the Protea Court in Sandton City.

News Update June - Boat Bench 1 News Update June - Boat Bench 2








In the later months of 2011, Igneous Concrete presented an in-house custom  designed  and made bench at the Rock Girl Safe Spaces Initiative unveiling ceremony. We were one of a few others that had won a competition to create a bench that focused on certain themes and initiatives to create awareness about woman and child abuse. The bench was designed with many symbolic aspects to follow the theme at hand. We incorporated varying diameters of wood circles with text engraved in them, and a wood triple spiral on the top surface. The winning Rock Girl bench titled “woman” is seen below (left) at the ceremony and in close detail below (right).

News Update June - Rock Girl 1

 News Update June - Rock Girl 2














With the results of these breathtaking projects and items behind us, the option to inlay other materials served to be the perfect unique finish the Maponya Mall team and landscape architects were in search for. We were able to include temporary modifications in the previously mentioned pot moulds to create a 150mm wide recessed band all around the base of each pot. A specialised manufactured and machined matt finish stainless steel strip was then wrapped around the pot inside the recess creating a custom pot skirting. The recess in the pot base ensured a neat and flush finish of the stainless steel skirting and the polyconcrete material, and avoided an unsightly and sharp step should the stainless steel simply been placed on top of the polyconcrete without the recess.

News Update June - Maponya 1

     News Update June - Maponya 2










We have since had feedback from our clients that the “soot” colour choice of pots looks stunning and is perfectly suited for the shopping centre, and the stainless steel skirting’s finish them off beautifully. The high quality product and finish has left our clients content and satisfied with the results provided; always the most fulfilling part of a project.