Alexander Forbes Head Office : : 115 West Street, Sandton


The newly refurbished eight story 115 West Street building is the new home to the Alexander Forbes Johannesburg team. In October, the staff took occupation of what is one of Sandton’s most innovative buildings.

In collaboration with Insite Landscape Architects and the Paragon Group, Igneous Concrete manufactured a combination of standard and custom items to compliment the exterior and interior architecture and design of the building.

The architecture of the building features a continuos design of fluid curves. Sections of the facade of the building incorporate s-shaped scallop walls, and wavy flowing lines and patterns are further integrated throughout the interior of the building. The wall patterns, fixtures and finishes of the interiors throughout the building combine natural colours and soft designs of curls and wavy lines; together creating an aesthetic and mood of calm and restful tranquility. Creating an environment of health and well-being, a key objective in the design requirements, has successfully been accomplished.

Included in the furniture placed in the outdoor area of the staff restaurant, are seating arrangements consisting of our standard flat top Organic Ottoman and Organic Elongated Ottoman. Further to these items, a custom Organic Curved Ottoman was introduced. The modular type arrangement follows through with the curves and coiling patterns, which is seen in the lines of the ottomans from a side view and further through their placement. The concept allows the ottomans to be placed separately or butted up against each other to create varying lengths and patterns. The versatility of the concept also allows the ottomans to be manoeuvred and altered when required. This allows for different seating arrangements and adds an advantage should the space need to be utilised for events or other purposes.

Amongst the many plant-filled outdoor areas, the 7th floor balcony includes a range of custom half-oval pots manufactured by Igneous. The balcony includes a series of columns that run down the centre of the area. Insite Landscape Architects provided a clever concept that not only brought a whimsical design to the balcony, but also proved to utilise the available space in a functional manner given the positioning of the columns. Two oval pots were designed, each in a different size. Each of these pots was designed to be made in two halves. Thus, the pots could be placed together to form one equally sided oval shaped pot, or one of the two equal parts could be combine with the other, or even place alone as one separate half. Each half includes a semi-circular cut out in the centre to allow the half-oval pot to be “wrapped” around the columns. The shape of the pots successfully follows through with the overall design and theme seen throughout the buildings features.