Highveld Mall: The Mecca of Mpumalanga Retail Adorned by Igneous Innovation

Since its first opening in 2007, Highveld Mall is undergoing its second major expansion, and Igneous Concrete has had the pleasure of being involved throughout the various phases in their journey to becoming the largest shopping centre in Mpumalanga.

In 2010 MDS Architects approached us with a custom request based on the existing prospective design of an item in our range. Our Pod Table provided the stepping stone to the envisioned seating design based on a similar pod-type concept. Our now titled Rounded Pebble Ottoman, was custom designed, crafted and manufactured to suit the requirements of our clients and their vision of the vibrant seating  arrangement.

A combination of custom colour pigments and those from our standard colour palette were used to adorn the shopping centre in modular sets of brightly coloured ottomans. The first expansion phase introduced two sets; each including one of the six hues. The second phase included 11 sets, and another two sets are currently in production for the third and final expansion phase.

Besides the 90 Rounded Pebble Ottomans, the mall will also boast  a total of 54 of our popular Standard Off-Round Pots once phase three has been  completed. These standard pots were manufactured to suit a custom height variation.

Our talented in-house pattern maker, dedicated staff and ambitious sales and marketing team are ready to assist with any challenge or task set before us.