15 Alice Lane: New Sugarbowl Pot for Front Facade and Surrounds

Igneous Concrete has a growing reputation for client-driven design to suit the aesthetic and logistics of the architecture or landscaping at hand. As such, their involvement on the now iconic 15 Alice Lane project, in collaboration with Insite Landscape Architects, resulted in the development of a 1.7m diameter sugarbowl that lines the perimeter of the building and marks its entrance.

The sugarbowl design is very difficult to achieve in this size, given the extreme pressure exerted on the sloping sides. However, by using a glass fibre reinforced polyconcrete material, the required strength is easily maintained while reducing the weight of the pot by two-thirds in comparison to cementitious concrete – perfect for load bearing structures such as these. The full order also included a simple resin based polyconcrete bench, which complimented the raised beds throughout the rest of the landscaped sections