Large Scale Pot and Planter Development

Igneous Concrete was initially established given a desire to create highly durable, long wearing and weather resistant furniture.  However, it was very soon evident that the material qualities that lent themselves so well to furniture design would add great value to the pot and planter market.  In particular, Igneous recognised the need for large scale pot and planter development, combining improved material strength with customised design.

As such, Igneous now has a growing range of both resin based polyconcrete and glass fibre reinforced polyconcrete pots and planters ranging in height, but importantly ranging in diameter / top widths from 750mm to 1.75m.

The resin based polyconcrete uses our standard material – a resin and aggregate mix to provide a fully weather-, acid and alkali resistant as well as water repellent pot.  The final product is also half the weight of standard cementitious concrete.  Glass fibre reinforced polyconcrete – combines a thin, 5-8mm, coating of polyconcrete to a glass fibre reinforced shell.  Not only this option two thirds lighter than standard cementitious concrete, but highly price competitive too.

The high strength – light weight combination of both materials also results in excellent options for load bearing structures and can either reduce, sometimes even eliminate, the need for cranes for placement of items of roof tops or difficult to access areas.